Geothermal Services

Geothermal Services

Reduce your bills with a cleaner heating and air option

Geothermal Well Drilling uses the earth's energy to provide Residential and Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning and/or Water Heating. The use of geothermal energy can greatly decrease both electric and gas bills while providing clean, quiet and sustainable energy for your home.

Cape Fear Drilling Services will guide you from the geothermal well permit application process through project completion. This includes the process of installing the ground source heat exchanger loop and properly grouting the bore hole from bottom to top. We will work with your heat and air contractor to ensure the efficient exchange of the earth's energy to meet your needs, or we can recommend a reputable HVAC contractor. This energy exchange provides the energy that will heat and cool your home and/or heat your water. Using geothermal energy greatly decreases electric/gas bills and provides clean sustainable energy for your home and in many cases tax incentives may apply. In addition to heat and air systems that are quieter than conventional systems, geothermal wells can provide energy to heat water in your home or swimming pool. In some cases, your geothermal well can also provide irrigation water. 

Geothermal Services Overview

We work with many HVAC contractors installing geothermal heat and air conditioning (GHP) systems. It is our mission to provide superior customer service with integrity, as the life and function of your geothermal system and your comfort depend on it.

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