Water Well Services

Water Quality Analysis & Conditioning

Water Quality Analysis & Conditioning

Water Quality Analysis and Conditioning

Well water analysis helps ensure safe water consumption by your family. If you have a private well for your family's water supply, your business, farm or animals, professional laboratory testing will help maintain water purity and safety. Your water could be contaminated with iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), bacteria and other contaminants. CFDS may be able to provide water treatment, such as chlorination or ultra violet light installation. Filtration conditioning or hydrogen sulfide removal systems are additional options.

Cape Fear Drilling Services installs water conditioning and filtration systems. These systems range from the traditional softeners to whole house reverse osmosis systems (removes salt). We also install irrigation iron binding systems and a variety of other options for water treatment.

Want to get rid of chemicals added to municipal water?

Cape Fear Drilling Services can help with your well, pump and conditioning and water needs.