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Geothermal Drilling Process

Drilling Process

Closed Loop System Closed Loop Systems: Drilling is required to install vertical pipe loops. The depth of the bore hole and number of loops required for drilling is determined by your Cape Fear Drilling specialist and/or a Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) engineer. These characteristics vary by area. For eastern NC, the average requirement is one bore hole, 200-250' deep per ton of HVAC equipment. 

After drilling, a high density polyethylene pipe is installed. This pipe makes a continuous loop from ground surface to bore hole to ground surface. Then the bore hole is grouted in with bentonite slurry from bottom to top. The grouting process is achieved via a trimming pipe which is retracted as the grout is pumped.

Open Loop System Open Loop Systems: These systems are often called "pump and dump" and require water well and pump installation. The well and pump are then connected to an HVAC system. When the water is discharged from the system it can be used for irrigation. This type of system is difficult to use in water that contains any iron.

CFDS works with HVAC contractors installing geothermal heat and air conditioning system (GHP) systems. It is our mission to provide superior customer service with integrity, as the life and function of your geothermal system depend on it.

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