Water Well Services

Water Well Drilling Process

Drilling Process

Water Well Services - Drilling Process

Cape Fear Drilling Services (CFDS) provides complete water well systems for your home or business. We will guide you through the entire process, from the application of your water well permit to the pump system that puts water in your drinking glass.

The phases of the water well drilling process include:

  1. Contact your county's Environmental Health for info and/or application to begin the water well permit process.
    1. New Hanover 910-798-6667
    2. Pender/Burgaw 910-2591233
    3. Pender/Hampstead 910-270-5000
    4. Duplin 910-296-2126
    5. Onslow 910-938-5851
    6. Brunswick 910-223-2250
  2. NC drinking wells require permits issued by your county's Environmental Health Department
    1. CFDS can obtain your drinking well permit for a fee.
    2. Most counties do not require irrigation well permits.
    3. CFDS will file your geothermal letter of intent/request for no additional charge.
    4. Costs vary by county.
    5. Water well permits are generally issued within 3-5 business days of application receipt by your county environmental health department.
  3. Schedule a complementary telephone consultation with CFDS to discuss your new well and water needs to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.
  4. Receive a well/pump quote in writing.
  5. Send CFDS a signed quote along with your deposit.
  6. CFDS will contact you to schedule your water well drilling service upon receipt of quote and deposit.
  7. Receive a drinking well packet containing information and instructions (via email or fax) for those installing drinking wells. 
  8. Installation and completion of your CFDS well/pump. Options include:
    • Well only installation, which can be connected to your existing pump system.
    • Well/pump installation, which can be connected to your existing water lines.
    • Constant pressure systems added to conventional well/pump systems (http://www.constantpressure.com/products.aspx)
    • Well abandonment, which may be required by your county health department. 
    • Water quality analysis (iron, bacteria, pH, hardness, odor causing hydrogen sulfide, lead, nitrates and nitrites, etc.)
    • Water conditioning systems
    • Well inspections
    • Well/pump system maintenance
    • Well covers
  9. Begin using your new well water.

**Note: Drinking water requires county water analysis/bacteria tests. We will provide guidance to assist you with this analysis.

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