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Farm & Commercial Maintenance Program

Farm & Commercial Maintenance Program

You can help prevent having no water or too little water to run your farm or business or irrigate the lawn by receiving maintenance evaluations. Regular evaluations decrease the chances of expensive after-hours emergency calls and time without water. Unfortunately, pump and well issues often occur at inopportune times. This can cause business and farm operations to come to a screeching halt. Often, CFDS receives calls for pump work during the peak of a drought or after hours. We also experience high service call rates before or during the holidays. System breakdowns during these times can often make it difficult to locate parts needed for immediate repair completion.


  • Help prevent emergency situations in which animals, equipment, employees and buildings may be without water during times of extreme heat or dangerous weather conditions.
  • Decrease the chances of expensive after-hours or holiday emergency calls.
  • Help prevent replacement of large system components by identifying and replacing small worn parts or repairing minor degradations in your system.
  • Increase the reliability and proper functioning of your well/pump system to ensure uninterrupted business/farm operation.

NOTE: This service does not provide a warranty on the system, per se, but it is intended to keep the system in working order and help diagnose potential problems before they occur, saving you money. The cost of the maintenance packages listed cover inspection and analysis. Repairs and/or additional water testing needs identified by CFDS may require lab services and/or chemicals, which could incur additional fees with owner approval. Owners should be aware that most pumps and well equipment are mechanical and therefore are subject to failure. Inspection does not provide a guarantee against mechanical failure but certainly lessens the likelihood.

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